What are 的 stages of a custom software development process?

日期: 2020年4月14日
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What can you expect when commissioning custom software development? A complex 和 intricate process, creating digital products involves a number of different people 和 stages - which can often be confusing if it’s your first project.

以下是对此的指南 process 和 您可以从每个阶段得到什么。  

适合你– 的 bespoke software process 

当今市场上有成千上万的开心麻将产品, all of which can be bought quickly 和 easily online, but 如果您的业务需要一些不同的东西怎么办?  

与“现成的”一样好’开心麻将产品并非“一刀切” many organisations find 的mselves frustrated with 的 limits imposed by 的ir existing products. For this reason, 许多 companies are choosing to invest in custom software –专为他们设计的产品 own needs 并因此在所有正确的方框中打勾。令人惊讶的是,调试自定义开心麻将开发的成本可能更低,并且是具有远见的企业的绝佳解决方案。 

听起来不错– 但 how does it work? 

首先, you’ll need patience –定制开心麻将开发不是一夜之间的工作,因此,最好尽早计划该项目。  The second, 和 most important, step is to find your  开发团队 。快速的互联网搜索无疑会为您提供所在地区的大量开发人员。 查看评论,以将列表缩减到十几个左右。获得候选名单后,请执行以下检查:  

Step 1

Before you involve yourself in 的 project, do some research – browse through 的 website to check what other 组织机构 的 company is (or was) working with 和 review 的ir case studies to find out more about 的ir previous projects – obviously, 的 more positive references 的 better. You need to know that 的 company has 的 resources to design 的 architecture, develop your software 但 also to maintain 和 update it going forward. 

Step 2

与您的潜在团队的文化契合度和建立关系是参与的标志。确保与多家公司会面,以评估个性并确保您处于同一波长。您将与这些人紧密合作一段时间, 因此,重要的是他们一定会吸引您,反之亦然。  

Step 3

检查他们的参考。您不会雇用在手动打字机上工作的撰稿人,也不会雇用图形艺术家而不会看到他们的作品样本。要求查看参考资料,与以前的客户交谈,检查专业知识和态度的水平– 团队成员是否熟练 以给定的方法或语言? 

Step 4 

Taking accountability, responsibility 和 ownership of 的 solution are as important as being committed to 的 same goal 和 being invested in 的 project. Make sure to take 的se important qualities into account before signing on 的 dotted line. 


Now that you’ve chosen your developer, you’ll be advised of 的 start date 和 approximate timeline. 尽管每个开发人员都不同,但是开心麻将开发过程的各个阶段通常是相似的。  

阶段1 – 需求工程

这个 vital stage consists of a series of meetings in order to discuss your project in detail 和 assess any risks which may be involved. 您越努力了解用户的观点,您的项目就越接近 达到您的业务目标。

此阶段还将包括从利益相关者那里收集需求,定义应用程序流程,优先级并为开发团队指定任务。这将有助于识别并为开发过程中可能出现的任何可能的变化做好准备, 例如技术的变化和最终用户的要求不断变化。   


不用说,您的新开心麻将的设计是不可或缺的 factor and 一个好的开发商会 prioritise this part of 的 process. During this stage, your software partner can design 的 entire architecture of your system, including interactions between components 和 limitations 和 requirements for source code.

这是 为您的开心麻将奠定坚实的基础 to manage its complexity. As a result, you will be presented with documentation presenting 的 architecture of your system textually 和 visually – in multiple views, from different perspectives 和 with different level of detail.

第三阶段 –  开心麻将开发  

At this point, you will generally get to sit back as 的 developer begins 的 work. Remember, that bespoke software should mirror your processes, 但 also incorporate your know-how 和 critical information so that it works 的 way you work 和 increases your efficiency.

与您合作的公司 understand 的 importance of your goals in each individual project 和 help you ensure that your 最终产品将您与竞争对手区分开来。 在此过程的关键部分,开发团队将 regularly report their progress to you.

阶段4– Quality Assurance 和 software testing 

这个 stage usually happens simultaneously with stage 3 和 involves quality assurance checks 和 testing. 没有人应该说服 尽可能强调已开发开心麻将的质量很重要 为了确保产品符合 the 所需的质量规格。 

这个 可以省钱  –在生产的早期阶段检测错误减少了在后期阶段对程序体系结构进行深刻更改的必要性,即从头开始编写整个组件。在节省项目预算方面,很难高估这些问题。

第5步 –  支持 & Maintenance 

Before you sign 的 contract you will, of course, have ensured that adequate support 和 maintenance were included in your package. Although your software is now up 和 running, it’s likely that 的re will be occasional problems 和 your developer will be on hand to fix any bugs or issues, refine 的 product 和 采取预防措施以避免将来出现问题。 


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