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Furthermore, it is highly rated for innovation 和 good business performance, which can be seen by their 2nd place in the 全球创新指数 或在第七 公开营业排名。

We are all surrounded by Swedish products 和 it doesn’t only refer to IKEA’s furniture. Sometimes people don’t even realise that famous companies like Spotify, H&M,伊莱克斯,甚至是Minecraft游戏,都是由瑞典人创造的。它仅证明了他们在建立成功公司方面的有效性。

Everything happens in the very heart of this beautiful country – Stockholm. It is one of Europe’s most-important tech communities 和 one of the leading, fastest-growing technology startup cities in the world. Stockholm is chosen by many international retailers, 和 creative industries can really thrive there.

无论你 ’re looking for companies that offer safer transportation, helpful software or financial technologies, Swedish startups present a wide range of solutions. Moreover, their solutions can be better for the environment 和 make our lives greener.



a Stockholm-based fintech startup that was launched in 2017. It makes banking more affordable, more flexible 和 easier to use. With 摇杆’s mobile banking services, customers can have better control over their everyday financial life. Currently, the company aims to expand its services to many European markets. 


一家能源初创公司始于2016年。该公司专注于改变整个能源市场,因为他们提供廉价和绿色能源。他们的应用可以帮助客户 减少电费和消耗。根据 Tibber’s 网站上,他们“相信使用数字技术可以使用电量变得更智能。” 


成立于2019年。创始人, Sorosh Tavakoli Anja Leissner和Anja Leissner认为,用动物生产诸如酸奶,奶酪或冰淇淋之类的产品非常浪费且具有破坏性。因此,他们决定开发更美味,更有营养的植物性食品替代品 在我们的行星边界内更容易接受。


SaaS零售促销初创公司,成立于2016年。该公司为零售商创建AI解决方案,帮助他们 analyse and optimise their promotional activities. Their automated analytics engine is powered by signal processing technology, machine learning algorithms, 和 the latest marketing research. 


由Anders于2018年成立 Forslund 并且是一家电动飞机制造商。 该公司旨在开发最快,最实惠和 可以前往世界任何角落的可持续交通。他们计划设计的第一架全电动飞机是ES-19 到2025年获得商业运营认证。 




was founded in 2016, with the purpose to achieve a European transition to renewable energy. The company develops a new generation of lithium-ion battery production, which is the key to a carbon-neutral society. Their factory is 100% powered by clean energy, 和 they plan a large-scale production in 2021.


is a startup launched in 2016 that specialises in marketing technology. It provides a tool to improve marketing 和 commercial work. Their SaaS platform allows brands to use social content to better understand their customers 和 thus increase sales, engagement 和 revenue.


is a troubleshooting software launched in 2017. Through combining human knowledge with AI, they help customers identify problems 和 provide advice on how to solve them. The company’的软件可用于解决从快速分离器到起重机的各个领域的问题。


成立于2017年。它简化了公司市场和销售数据的收集和组织。借助机器学习的力量,它们可以实现AI驱动的标记,内容摘要和分类。 斯特拉维托还可以提供更好的协作,因为它可以使用户深入了解他们的研究,并让他们与不同部门和地区的同事共享研究结果。

如您所见,它’毫无疑问,瑞典的创业生态系统是一个值得关注的生态系统,因为从数量上看,瑞典是最有前途的国家 成长中的技术企业。上述公司成为全球知名公司只是时间问题。




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